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Maxi-Peel Skin Whitening Exfoliant #4

Maxi-Peel Skin Whitening Exfoliant #4
Maxi-Peel Skin Whitening Exfoliant #4

Please note: In order to securely ship this product and avoid leakage during transit, we will be transferring solution into a spill proof bottle. The original bottle and package will be included nonetheless.


Description from Package:

  • Net Weight: 60 ml
  • Expiration Date: 01/2014 or better.

Maxi-Peel #4 Exfoliant Solution is used for the treatment and prevention of stubborn and severe cases of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads by penetration to pores to reduce break-outs, eliminate acne-causing bacteria, dry out blemishes and removes dead skin cells. It whitens dark spots, blemishes and other discolorations such as freckles and age-spots to achieve younger-looking skin.


Each 100ml contains 25mg Tretinoin and 4g Hydroquinone.

Precaution: Do not apply to wounded skin and avoid areas near the eyes and mouth. Limit application of product to only 10% of body surface consisting of the face, neck and elbow.

Dosage and Administration: Use once a day preferably before bedtime. For external use only.

MAXI-PEEL also banked on a Filipina woman’s desire to look and feel like their celebrity idols, thus positioning itself to be the brand that delivered the skin possessed by their idols, hence the tagline “KUTIS-ARTISTA.” The brand used endorsers whose careers were on the rise, and were highly-visible. Maxi-Peel was epitomized primarily by Kristine Hermosa, and then also by Claudine Barretto. Through the years, Maxi-Peel grew as more and more Filipinas found the best product to give them Blemish-Free, Smoother, Whiter, Kutis-Artista Skin through Exfoliation!

The Maxi-Peel brand has also evolved in several ways.  In terms  of product portfolio, it has greatly expanded to cater to the various skin care needs of the Filipina, extending its lines not only to the face, but also to the body. Its product lines now consist of various formats apart from an Exfoliant Solution, such as Exfoliant Cream, Facial Cleanser, Facial Wash, Exfoliant Scrub, Exfoliant Soap, and Exfoliant Lotion! In terms of product endorser, since 2008, Maxi-Peel has also gotten the services of GMA’s Finest, Marian Rivera, as its brand ambassador. Her advocacy of the brand, coupled with her rising popularity, has worked wonders for the brand.

To date, Maxi-Peel’s success is tremendous, to say the least. Maxi-Peel since 2008 has become a MEGABRAND, meaning it has reached the PHP 1 BILLION peso mark in terms of Value Sales. Maxi-Peel controls a WHOPPING 85% of the Exfoliant Category, rendering its competitors insignificant, as Maxi-Peel continues to be the brand of choice for the common Filipina.

Maxi-Peel may have already achieved a lot, but in the near future, it will soar to much greater heights, achieving its vision of being the #1 Skin Care Brand in the Industry.

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